VANGANIA is an author brand, specialize in handbags and jewelry.

As a designer I firmly believe that we are in this world to be authentic, to trust in our inner beauty to be able to develop our qualities to the maximum in order to give those around us the best of ourselves. That is why with my brand I seek to create pieces with a special value, each one made by hand with a mystical intention that refers us to our ancestors and ancient cultures.

We believe that the pieces choose their owners that is why, together with a team of Mexican artisans, we give our best effort to design and make pieces that become unique and special for those who buy them.

The funds will give us the push and growth that we are looking for, so far all the investment has been with personal resources, however, we are at a key point in which we need more investment to be able to grow, that is why with your support we will achieve the new goals. 

With your support we will do:

  • Hire and train women to assemble jewelry: the strength of our company comes from its staff, that is why we are interested in building a community of women who are at risk due to their socioeconomic status to give them decent and well-paid work, to establish a production line.
  •  Purchase of raw material: Acquire the raw material by volume will improve production costs and time. 
  • Marketing: Once the production is finished it is important to be able to carry out an advertising campaign in social media with the aim of increasing internet sales. 
  • Image: the presentation of the product is essential to unify a brand concept that is why we want to print packaging with brand logo.
  • Open new doors: it is essential for the growth of the brand to be able to place our products in prestigious stores as well as department stores, that is why with the points mentioned above accomplish we will have the strength  that is needed to be able to knock on new doors.